EEA has significant experience in raising finance for environmental initiatives that help reduce pressure on climate change.

It has been at the forefront of the development of the carbon trading market, acting as investment adviser to a number of private and listed ventures that have been instrumental in establishing and promoting the international market for tradable environmental instruments. This includes raising over $900m for a number of closed-ended environmental vehicles.

In particular EEA has been involved in the trading of carbon credits generated from projects developed under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation framework of the Kyoto Protocol.

It has helped commercialise carbon credits predominantly through trades conducted on exchange, but has also sold credits to a number of European governments.

Through Trading Emissions plc, for which it acted as investment adviser, EEA supplied Certified Emissions Reductions from small-scale, highly sustainable CDM projects in China and elsewhere for the UK government to offset ministerial and official air travel.

It has also been engaged in biofuel and renewable energy ventures across the world including the development of successful photovoltaic projects in Europe.

Today, EEA advises Aquafuel and Beckton Energy Limited. Aquafuel is a venture-backed UK company with a set of patented technologies for renewable combined heat and power (CHP), which owns a number of commercial CHP projects. Beckton Energy Limited is a CHP power plant that provides renewable power for Europe’s biggest sewage works and the UK’s only desalination plant plus the renewable heat needed to help deliver 40% of London’s gas.