Life Settlements

A Life Settlement constitutes the sale of a US life insurance policy to a third party, where the insured has an impaired life expectancy. In exchange for a payment in excess of the policy’s cash surrender value, or even if non exists, the purchaser becomes the new owner of the policy. The new policy owner pays all future premiums during the remaining life of the insured and collects the full ‘face value’ of the policy on maturity.

EEA Life Settlements Fund

The investment objective of the fund is to trade the property interest in outstanding life insurance policies issued primarily in the United States, the maturity of which can reasonably be ascertained and, in respect of the Continuing Cells, to invest in New Fund Units and/or in other financial instruments.  Launched in November 2005, the EEA Life Settlements Fund PCC Limited is managed by EEA Fund Management (Guernsey) Limited. It aims to achieve long-term capital growth in respect of the Continuing Cells and to return capital to investors via the Run-Off cells.  Click here to view EEA Fund Management (Guernsey) Limited’s website.